Cyber Security

Success Stories from Central Finland


Majority of the ICT and cybersecurity development and activities of The Finnish Defence Forces are located in Central Finland. The traditionally secretive military opened their test environment for researchers and businesses in the region in the early 2000’s. The region’s biggest ICT employer, Nokia, had had to lay off a great number of their staff, so exceptionally skilled workforce was available for new projects. This together with a strong focus on cybersecurity by the University of Jyväskylä and JAMK University of Applied Science and business actors’ commitment created a niche for the development of the cyber security knowhow in Central Finland.

Central Finland started to attract more cyber security businesses and developers. As an outcome, the first national cyber security exercises were held by JYVSECTEC Jyväskylä Security Technology in 2013. JYVSECTEC has built Cyber Security environments for financial sector, e-commerce, network operators and power grids. Test environment for health care is currently being built. International collaboration has begun with Singapore Polytechnic, including the establishment of JYVSECTEC best-in-class Cyber Range in Singapore in 2019. Jyvsectec seeks actively new partnerships and clients, e.g. in the field of cybersecurity for health care.

Cybersecurity auditing system for business (FinCSC) enables cyber security throughout the supply chain of a business sector.  Auditing includes IoT related threats and gives more detailed information of overall cyber security vulnerabilities.

JAMK University of applied sciences, a key actor in this development and home organisation for JYVSECTEC, is one of the founders in European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). Regional Council of Central Finland joined ECSO in 2018. (web pages Cyber Security solutions through research, development and training)

JYVSECTEC has received ERDF funding. (Project JYVSECTEC description (in Finnish)