Central Finland Strategy 2040

Vision 2040

Central Finland is a prosperous, international region. Knowledge, especially in bioeconomy and digital economy creates wellbeing.




Vision 2040: Knowledge in agriculture and forestry, sustainable and diverse use of renewable raw materials and the technologies enabling this are the strengths of the region. Local, sustainable production of energy increases the local economy. Clear water and water technologies create new business. Local, clean food has big markets also internationally.

The development of bioeconomy is based on smart utilization of the natural resources. The sector has a leading role in export.

Present strengths:

  • Forest and sustainable forestry
  • Traditional, strong forest industry and knowledge
  • High level R & D

Goals 2014-2017:

  • Strong, export driven and diverse , sustainable bioeconomy
  • High level in refinery and refinery technologies
  • Local renewable energy share is 50% of the total energy consumption

Strategic choices:

  • New bio based products and the machinery enabling the production
  • Increase in renewable energy production
  • Resource wise Central Finland
  • Strong entrepreneurs in bioeconomy
  • Locally produced and processed food

Meters 2017:

  • § Labor in bioeconomy
  • § Added value in bioeconomy
  • § Companies in bioeconomy
  • § Share of local renewable energy (% of total)


Knowledge Economy


Vision 2040: knowledge creates innovations and networking on global level brings the advantage to Central Finland. The organizations in Central Finland act together with the business to create new, global business.

Present strengths:

  • Education and education export
  • Cooperation between education organizations and with the public sector

Goals 2014-2017:

  • New services to support the growth of the local companies
  • Business incubator combines the education, knowledge, research and business
  • Entrepreneurship integration to education
  • Boost in export via knowledge

Meters 2017:

  • R & D investments (€)
  • Knowledge intensive business, amount
  • Amount of entrepreneurs with academic background (%)


Digital Economy


Vision 2040: Local business utilizes the growth potential of web services, mobile services and the cloud services. Central Finland is an international center in cyber security. Digital technologies have modified traditional industry and novel digital service in the public sector creates wellbeing. The use of digital services covers all age groups and are on top level internationally

The utilization of the potential in digital economy requires new kind of thinking in all sectors, in organizations and in institutions.

Present strengths:

  • High level education in ICT
  • Cyber security

Goals 2014-2017:

  • High speed broadband connection with diverse technologies
  • Innovation center in cyber security
  • Digital technologies enable business to use novel processes, novel products and service design
  • Foresight is used in efficient manner to bring new technologies in use

Meters 2017:

  • Labor in cyber security
  • The use of internet
  • ICT use in local companies




Vision 2040: Wellbeing is a goal in itself, but in addition to that it is also an enabler. Wellbeing is an extensive entity, including social and health sectors, physical exercise, culture, youth work and education. Wellbeing services are produced in cooperation with private, public and third sector operators. Also individual participation and self-doing have an important role as triggers for wellbeing. Young people are encouraged to participate the renewal processes of working life. Extensive measures are taken to prevent social exclusion.
All in all, the long term goal is the improvement of the quality of life for all citizens of Central Finland.

Present strengths

  • Central Finland is recognized as attractive region by youth, both nationally and internationally
  • Jyväskylä University has the only faculty of sport and health sciences in Finland

Goals 2014- 2017

  • Wellbeing services are considered as a wide entity of social, health, physical, culture, youth and educational services.
  • Services are produced as multisectoral cooperation, based on user expectations and needs .
  • Wellbeing services are available throughout whole region
  • Successful foresighting processes guarantee availability of personnel
  • E-service production is growing

Meters 2017:

  • Number of employees in social and health sector
  • Turnover of companies in social and health sector
  • The National Institute for Health and Welfare health index