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Over the past 150 years, medical knowledge has revolutionized human lives with cures to many difficult illnesses. We live longer than ever. Now, Central Finland aims at another, equally important revolution: to provide quality of life and good health for the whole life-span. In order to meet this goal, Central Finland is developing a unique model in enhancing health and wellbeing.

We specialize in preventive, evidence-based wellbeing. We combine health, sport, rehabilitation, education and psychology with technology, research, volunteerism, professionalism and cooperation across branches.

Central Finland is renowned for its forests and lakes, and five national parks. This results in a strong mental relationship to nature. Quite naturally, Green Wellbeing plays a major role in many of our wellbeing innovations.

A case in point is the new central hospital Nova, which will be in operation in 2020. Nova exceeds the traditional concept of a hospital with digital knowledge, cybersecurity and AI, as well as with rehabilitation, art and the healing aspects of nature. Plenty of wellbeing-related projects are under way in Nova, and we welcome new partners and project ideas to join forces with us.

Central Finland is the heart of education science in Finland. The Finnish school system is globally recognized as one of the world’s best and most equal. Our expertise in enhancing wellbeing of school-aged children is exceptional at national level, too, and this is a key component to their academic success.

Central Finland is a favourite partner and study visit destination for in-depth understanding of the Finnish education system, but today more and more visits are made in quest to understand the overall wellbeing – or happiness – of our citizens. This is quite natural, as Finland ranks as the happiest country in the world, and Central Finland tops the national comparison between regions.

We have discovered the formula of good education and topped the happiness charts. With the same determination, we are now putting together the formula for human wellbeing. If you think that your organisation should be a part of this revolution, find out more about us:



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